DHL Goes green

DHL, which is by far one of the largest companies in the world of secure international deliveries, has announced that it’s going to go green. Interestingly enough, the term “green” is used both literally and metaphorically.

The vehicles that the company is using are literally going to be painted in green. However, the main intention is to limit the harmful impact that the gas emissions are having on the environment of Manhattan. The CEO of the company has officially announced the intention behind the green initiative in New York.

DHL, being amongst the leaders in parcel delivery to USA is going to operate 30 battery-powered electric vans which were manufactured in the USA as well as 50 hybrid trucks that are going to cut down the use of fuel by more than 50 percent a year. The harmful effects of the CO2 emissions are also going to be reduced by the same amount in comparison to using conventional vehicles. This is without a doubt a great initiative which is, if not anything else, going to alter the approach of other companies of the delivery segment towards preserving the environment.

Both types of the green vehicles which are going to be used by one of the leaders in the world of international courier services DHL, are manufactured within the country by the company called Azure Dynamics. This is a world leader in the development as well as in the production of commercial vehicles which us electric and hybrid technology. The chassis for the vehicles are thoroughly produced by the Ford Motor Corporation.

Now, allegedly, by converting the current vehicles of DHL into hybrids, the fuel economy is going to be improved by the staggering 40 percent while the harmful CO2 emissions are going to be reduced by another 30%. Furthermore, the Azure Corporation would also integrate the Force Drive power train within the Ford Transit Connect Vans which is also very beneficial and sparing in terms of harmful emissions. In any case, the entire endeavour is heavily appropriate especially with all the current discussions which surround the protection of the environment. All the facts are there – we are steadily harming the nature and these needs to stop. DHL is definitely paving the way for future Green initiatives, but it’s going to take a lot more than 80 vehicles to really make a change. It would require the combined effort of thousa

What’s the Difference Between Wheels and Rims?

Depending on where you are from you may use different terms. Wheels, rims, alloys, hubcaps and what is the difference? It’s simple, really. Some people use the terms wheel and rim interchangeably, which is possibly why there’s such a confusion with all of the terms. We’re here to settle the debate now with the true definitions of the terms.


Rims are the outer edge of the wheel; it holds the tire- you can see it as the outer design of the wheel. The rim makes up part of the wheel, however it is frequently used as slang to customized wheels.

Using the “slang” or the new normal, for that matter, car lovers opt for their rims as an aftermarket purchase. That can encompass varying metals: chromes or alloys, or any material that is durable, and has a high shine. Other car lovers will use the term wheels to describe the very same thing. So while both terms are correct don’t be surprised when a fellow car junkie doesn’t quite understand what you’re talking about, because technically those rims you’re admiring are actually wheels.


A wheel rotates to allow the vehicle to move. The wheel includes a rim and a tire, it’s a sum of parts. The wheels are connected in pairs, by an axle through the center.

“Alloys” has served as a blanket term, however it specifically relates to alloy wheels, made from an alloy of aluminum or magnesium. They tend to be stronger than other metals which are softer and suppler.

Back in the early days of vehicle manufacturing the spokes were wooden, or wire. They were later replaced by the same wheel disc that we use today. It is the disc part of the wheel that offers the slick style.

A hubcap is just a small center wheel cover; an actual wheel cover is a bit more decorative and snaps over the entire wheel face.

Is Bigger Better?

First of all, there are varying colors and materials when it comes to rims and wheels, but perhaps just as vitally, there are many different sizes. Sports utility vehicle drivers love to brag about their 22’s, but is that right for everyone?

It is appropriate to use larger rims on sports cars, SUVs and trucks- it gives the vehicle a customized look and they appear more expensive. It just so happens that these types of vehicles are incredibly popular in sunny climates, where owners don’t need to concern themselves with adverse weather conditions that lead to rusting.

Generally speaking, smaller rims are paired with larger tires for off-road vehicles, as well as winter weather conditions. The larger wheels offer a safer drive, with a vehicle that is easier to handle in harsh conditions.


Availing credit for your cars and repairs

Finance is imperative for your life. You need finances for easy living. You require finances to take care of your family. You need finances to ensure a sound life. However, as simple as it sounds, you might find yourself amidst one or other financial turbulence. There may be some sort of financial emergency. Your vehicle may need some sort of sudden repair, or you may be in some unavoidable financial burden. What will you do in such cases?


Financial turbulence does not come with a notice. In order to deal with them, you require money. Most of the instances you cannot wait for a long term. Hence, taking the same from the short term financial aid companies will be the best idea.

But, of course, there are loans; however the procedure to avail them is really tedious. It is in circumstances and situations like these that payday loan comes handy.

If you need some sort of short term financial aid, these can be of help. Such, financial services are associated with the following attributes:-

  1. Professional- since, the aspect is in association with the financial sector, hence, you cannot obliterate the need of professional service. The members of the team have an experience of working in a versatile sector. Thus, they are able to take care of the needs of the various sectors. These are well aware of the need and take care of every aspect with immense care.
  2. Swift approvals- since, these services are associated with short term financial aid; hence your request is processed at a very high speed. Most of the instances, these provide with financial emergency swiftly. However, these are at the same time subject to lender approval.
  3. Online- the companies which deal with these types of financial aid have their working regime online. It is because of this there is faster processing of the request. You are not required to wait for months to aid you with the finances. It is, thus, of immense significance and help.
  4. Security- you are not required to be perturbed that your personal information will be shared anywhere. In fact, the best of the companies always ensure that any sort of information associated with you, your number, your address or your credit score is not made available. Hence, you can rely on them.
  5. Quick estimation-when you ask for the quick estimation, you are able to avail it within minutes. You are availed the summery of loan, which includes APR, interest and the repayment mode. With this aid the procedure becomes really hassle free.
  6. Legal- the best of the companies always ensures that not a single stone is unturned with respect to legal matters. Every aspect of the loan service, including registration and license is taken care with priority.
  7. Support service- the companies are always associated with support service which ensure a hassle free handling of the same. If you have any sort of query you can ask for the same via friendly customer service.

This ensures the best of financial aid.

Cars Most Likely to Be Targeted by Thieves

If you’re looking to get a car you want to make sure you’re getting one that’s going to work for anything you need, but you also want to make sure you’re not going to get your vehicle stolen. While a number of large luxury vehicles are likely to be stolen, there are also some vehicles that you wouldn’t think of, because they seem rather mainstream. Even still, you’ll find a number of them are being stolen and you’ll want to know about that, then you can get the car loans for bad credit no credit check you really want and find the car you need.

Some of the vehicles that you would likely expect to be stolen are the Cadillac Escalade, Infiniti G37 2-door, Chevrolet Corvette Z06 and the Hummer H2 4WD. Other vehicles, like the Ford F250 crew, Chevrolet Avalanche 1500 and GMC Yukon you might not expect as much, but these vehicles are actually among the top ten vehicles that are stolen in any category. It’s definitely something you’re going to want to consider if you’re going to get a new car for your family or even just for your personal use. After all, you might want a sporty, fancy car, but you definitely don’t want something that’s going to make you a target everywhere you go.

Vehicles like the GMC Yukon or Ford F250 are popular to steal because they are easy to hide. There are a large number of these vehicles because they are reasonably priced and that means they’re easy to sell without being recognizable as a stolen vehicle. Common vehicles are very popular in this regard because when they are stolen they blend in with everything around them. No one notices if someone takes the vehicle and the people who purchase it might not even recognize it as a stolen one, thinking it’s just another one of the same thing. After all, with so many people driving that vehicle and so many being made, why would they assume it’s stolen?

With more formal and luxury vehicles it is popular to steal them because they can fetch a good price when they are resold. The people who purchase them will still generally not know they’ve been stolen, but they may, because there are less actually available. However these are people that will generally not care about this and will still want the vehicle. With luxury or common vehicles you could fall victim to a stolen car, but keep in mind that most commonly the regular vehicles will be the ones stolen.

The best thing you can do is always be aware and watching for theft or someone who might be looking to steal from your vehicle. The more aware you are the better off you’re going to be and the more likely that you’ll be able to keep your vehicle for yourself rather than having it stolen by someone else who definitely doesn’t deserve it. You’re going to get a lot of use out of it over time.

Quickbooks Tech Support Number to Call (Toll Free Number 1-800-301-4813)

As a Quickbooks user, having the Quickbooks tech support number is quite important in case there is something happens with the software we use. We can deny something like error can happen any time and when it happens, we just need real people that can help us dealing with the errors. Here are some of the companies that can help you when such condition happens.

First, you can consider calling QB Error. Providing team that consists of Intuit certified ProAdvisors, this company is such a good partner to choose when you find such problem when using Quickbooks. You can contact its Quickbooks errors support number at 1-844-827-3810 or simply visit the website and submit your request in there. It will listen to your error, and then help you to solve your Quickbooks errors. Second, you can also consider calling This is another company that offers you such expert team to advice and to solve errors you found in Quickbooks. This company can be reached by calling 1-855-481-5335.

In addition, you can also call Quickbooks247 for help. The company offers technical support provided by Quickbooks ProAdvisors. You should call 1-800-301-4813 when you want to receive their hands. That’s all some of the Quickbooks support phone number that you can call.

Is Gap Warranty Available Outside the UK?

We’ll give you a straight answer to this question: yes, it is! The gap warranty is universal type of insurance, which means it can be obtained both in the UK and abroad. On the other hand, you have to understand it is not the obligatory type of insurance, which means that you must decide whether you need it or not. It is some kind of additional protective plan that can save you a lot of trouble if you have it.  So, you don’t have to worry that this insurance is restricted only to the UK citizens. Of course, it all depends on the national policies, but in the most world’s countries, this vehicle security plan is a part of the insurance offer.

After we have discussed this issue, we have to go one level deeper and see what gap warranty actually is.

In short, we can say it is one of strategies we can us to secure ourselves in the case of the car theft or accident. This means that with this protection plan you can bridge a gap between the actual value of your car and the amount of money you owe for your vehicle. Of course, it doesn’t mean that everyone will need it and that we all have to purchase it right after we buy our car.

Most of the time, universal or standard insurance plan will be sufficient for the majority of drivers. But, not in all situations. If you, for example, total your car and the actual value of your vehicle is lower than the amount of money you owe to the bank or leasing company, then you will be in the middle of the gap. The easiest way to resolve this situation and get replacement car is to buy the gap insurance. As its name suggests, it is designed to overcome this financial gap and help people in critical situations like theft and total car crashes.

Understanding Gap insurance

There is one thing you have to be aware of here. Your vehicle will lose its value over the time. It can go up to 40% after one year, depending on the vehicle model and the situation on the market. This means that you will have to compensate 40% of the car value in the case that you totally ruin your car in the accident. Even the best insurance policy cannot help you here, because they usually cover only the actual price of the car. In other words, you will be in a big problem.

On the other hand, the gap warranty will help you to get replacement car quickly and without any administrative complications, even if your vehicle has lost a lot of its initial value. This is why people say this protective should be considered as the investment in the future.

Once again, this protective plan is not limited to one specific country or region and it can be purchased almost in every country with developed insurance policy. Just ask your insurance agent or even car dealer, and they will explain you all required details.


Tips for driving at night

Headlights. If the car does not automatically adjust the headlights or does not have a “smart” suspension that monitors the position of the body on the road surface, it is necessary to adjust the headlights on your own. When there is only one passenger in the back seat, you need to set the hydrocorrector controller to the number “1”. If there are two then to “2”. Number “3” should be set when the boot is packed. However, if you do not want to tinker with all these controllers, you may want to visit to find Nissan Murano or BMW X5 that feature an automatic adjustment of headlights.

Do not dazzle other drivers. It is necessary to turn off high beams when you tail a car. Real gentlemen, in these situations generally set the controller to the number “3” (that is lower down rays of light completely).

Windshield. Once a month, you need to wash the windshield to the crystal purity and get rid of all oil stains and mud, which are not visible during the day, whereas at night, they refract light coming from oncoming cars.

Dusk. It is necessary to turn on a low beam light before nightfall. Those drivers who drive with lights off cause risk to themselves as well as to other people.

Parting with oncoming cars. Even if you and the driver moving towards you are using low beam headlights on a narrow road, a short dazzle is inevitable, all the same. For a moment, you are moving blindly. Therefore, you must move the foot from the accelerator to the brake pedal. In case of unexpected danger, this measure will reduce the response time for braking.

One headlight on. If you see one headlight moving towards you, it could be anything: a normal motorcyclist or a crazy motorist… Let us get ready for the worst scenario: a crazy drunk motorist. And his only headlight shall be considered the right headlight. Therefore, prepare to pull off the road.

Ascents and descents. When approaching an ascent, we must remember that if on top of a hill you see oncoming vehicles, they will inevitably blind you even with dipped low beam lights (properly adjusted headlights are directed down a little). You should be ready for this. And before the descents, it should be borne in mind that you dazzle other drivers in the same way.

An unknown road. If, in the nighttime, you are driving on an unfamiliar road, even if you are driving a Lamborghini Gallardo, each turn must be regarded as dangerous. Night decreases the viewing angle, as well as the accuracy of perception. A virage could be very steep with an old tire in the middle of the road.

Nighttime is an alien environment for us. First of all it is true for our eyes. During a long trip, you can be have a thin slice of lemon under the tongue in order to increase the sharpness of night vision. This method was used by pilots in Second World War during a night bombing.


Why You Shouldn’t Put Off Fuel Injection Services

While you may not think of a car as similar to an air conditioner or a lawn mower, they do share one thing in common: they all need regular maintenance in order to keep operating smoothly. A car is an appliance, just like these everyday household items. Although the maintenance intervals are measured in hundreds or thousands of miles, cars do need some regular care to avoid causing a costly repair or safety hazard.

There are lots of important services that your car needs on a routine basis to keep it running smoothly. Some, like fuel injection services, tend to be forgotten more often. Good fuel injectors keep the engine running smoothly and efficiently, and lead to better gas mileage. And as with all engine parts, routine maintenance of fuel injectors can prevent serious damage further on down the road.

Nearly every car sold in America after 1982 has some sort of fuel injection system. Fuel injectors are electronically-controlled valves that squirt fuel into the area outside the cylinders to allow the engine to run, and are subject to very high pressures and temperatures. Over time, combustion and leftover fuel in the nozzle solidifies into residue along the fuel injector. This happens after the car has been turned off, and the leftover gas is sitting in the still-warm injector, with no fuel flowing through to wash it out.

Deposits can build up on the nozzle head and interfere with the flow rate and the injector’s ability to spray exact amounts. This is a problem, as the fuel injectors are calibrated to deliver certain amounts of fuel to the engine. When the flow and pressure of the fuel changes, the engine runs less efficiently and the gas mileage of the car goes down. If your gas mileage has dropped, it is always a good idea to check for clogged or defective fuel injectors.

If you suspect you need a fuel system cleaning, you should consult with your mechanic or ask your local Dodge dealership in Nanuet, NY. A mechanic may clean out a clogged fuel injector during a regular tune-up, and some build-ups may require professional services. The basic maintenance, however, should be more regular and is quite doable at home. Fuel injector cleaning kits include solvents that dissolve the deposits, clean the lines, and other benefits. The injectors may be cleaned while still in the car by flushing cleaner through a running engine. They may also be taken out and cleaned or replaced, sometimes in combination with other parts of the engine, like spark plugs.

Fuel injectors should be cleaned around every 15,000 to 30,000 miles. In warmer climates, the interior of the engine remains hotter longer, allowing for more residue to build up. Car owners in warmer climates should clean their injectors more often. Cleaning the fuel injectors is a simple but important task that allows for a more efficient engine, and pays for itself in money saved on gas due to increased mileage.

South East Asia Truck Exhibition 2017

The third South East Asia Truck Exhibition will be held from May 18-20, 2017 at the Mines International Convention and Exhibition Center. Called the Malaysian Commercial Vehicle Expo (MCVE) 2017, the event is organized by Asian Trucker, and will be held simultaneously with other related programs such as the Asian Trucker Networking Night.

The MCVE aims to be a venue for operators, purchasers and the general public to have access and review the information and offers regarding the latest services, technology and parts in connection with bus and truck models available. As part of the exhibition, relevant private and government agencies, and other professional associations and societies make available updates to their products for public information. They also present the latest in trucking in terms services and innovations.

Asian Trucker Media

What started out as a small platform for advertising anything related to trucking has exponentially grown over the course of six years. The Asia Trucker Magazine is published on a bi-monthly, quarterly and annual basis primarily for Southeast Asian fleet operators. Every edition addresses the latest in fleet operations and management, including write-ups on key industry persons. Reviews of commercial vehicles are also regularly featured.

Asian Trucker Media affords more than just a trucking magazine for Southeast Asia.  The company has facilitated events and seminars to gather and connect relevant industry players to come together to promote the commercial vehicle industry.

Formerly named Malaysian International Bus, Truck & Components Expo (MIBTC), the exhibition is the lone Malaysian event that addressed the needs of not only regional trucking but logistics and related bus trades.  The event is the only internationally-scaled B2B trade exhibition held in Malaysia that serves as a platform for the best truck manufacturers, service providers and equipment suppliers.

MIBTC 2013 was held at the Malaysian International Exhibition & Convention Centre on June 13-15, 2013 in Kuala Lumpur.  The first-ever truck exhibition served as a venue for current and potential clients, and other guests. One of the top truck manufacturers presented was Scania.

MIBTC 2015 was in 2015. This exhibition was bigger and afforded more excitement with the much awaited Asian Trucker networking night. As many as 600 exhibitors and delegates attended this event.

Highlights of the 2017 Exhibition

The success of the 2013 and 2015 MIBTC ensured a 2017 event. Now dubbed as the Malaysian Commercial Vehicle Expo (MCVE) 2017, this event will boast of over 8,000 square meters of exhibition space to house its growing exhibitors.  A range of international exhibitors and delegates has been invited and are expected to participate.

Highlights of the events include fringe program such as the Asian Trucker networking night to add excitement and a bit of fun on the affair.  Asian Trucker is also all set to host its seventh networking event during the exposition.

A business matchmaking module will be available during the event to quickly and effectively “match” buyers and suppliers. This will definitely save time and effort on the part of buyers and prospective buyers.

Imperative Used Car Dealer’s make a transition

Imperative Used Car Dealer’s make a transition

If you’re a used car dealer and I asked you what does your customer look like today (no not his physical appearance) could you answer? Would it surprise you to know that 4/10ths of 1 percent of used car buyers like the current way most dealers sell cars?

It should hopefully be waking you up to the fact that used car shoppers are changing and you better get ahead of the pack. With the new generations of used car buying consumers being brought up in a digital age it’s time to take a look at how your store communicates to millennials and beyond.

A rhetorical pop quiz: Do millennials prefer to be sold in the traditional sense? That would be a resounding NO; they prefer authentic communication, cut to the chase with information. Working a traditional pencil will put off this segment of customers.  Moreover, this segment wants to work out details before ever setting foot on the showroom floor. Dealers need to prepare for a paradigm shift from traditional sales to a digitally driven informational web presence.

What all of this really gets down to is getting to know who our car buyers are and how to communicate with them in an engaging way. Digital or internet departments need to be much more than just working leads. These leads will soon dry up if an adaptation to content driven marketing is not at the forefront of your customer engagement.

Utilizing different online platforms will help you reach these new customers. Adapting to ever changing customers is how the used car dealership of today will survive. More so than any other time in history the digital age has completely changed how we communicate. Used Car Dealers literally can drill down marketing to the point of reaching certain consumer segments and serve ads that speak to that generation. That is powerful!

An overwhelming seventy two percent of consumers would prefer to contract online. With most credit cards, utility bills and so on having the convenience of paying online it stands to reason a car deal would be paid in the same convenient manner. Consumers are now accustomed to this convenience and prefer it to older traditional methods. How is your used car dealership changing to meet this consumer trend?

It’s exciting to learn as dealers what customer trends are, how to communicate to customers. Obviously the message you serve to millennials will be different than what you would communicate to a baby boomer. The generational gap between the two is the signpost you will need to follow in order to provide engaging information. Millennials will be much more attuned to social media, reviews and ease of purchase.

Knowing how to move information to get in front of customers is somewhat of an art form. A job you simply don’t leave to an unskilled employee. If you try and send out traditional sales letters, gimmicks and the like to younger buyers you will simply turn them off. Market research will give you a road map to successfully communicating with any market segment. Do your homework and adjust your fire accordingly. Dealers that follow this path will have much greater success with the newer generations of consumers entering the marketplace.

There is still room for traditional methods of marketing. Dealers who put themselves in positions to learn ever changing consumer trends, feed those trends with relevant, engaging information will achieve much greater success. It’s not the lowest price circus tent sale, content based marketing and a fair deal is the wave to ride!