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Guatemala Celebrates World Environment Day

20161231_230227304_iOS.jpgThe United Nations has established June 5 as World Environment Day. Guatemala is a country with a great diversity of climates, landscapes, soils and ecosystems. The Guatemalan biodiversity is distributed throughout the country with 34% of the national territory being covered by forest area, but this has been affected in recent years due to the high rates of deforestation and pollution that are generated in the country.

That is why CHOICE Guatemala seeks, through environment programs, to reverse the damages caused in the area of Alta Verapaz, impacting the health and economy of families. One of CHOICE Humanitarian’s main projects is building clean stoves. This project has benefited 458 families from different communities in Guatemala. These stoves reduce greenhouse gas emissions by reducing smoke which reduces respiratory diseases by inhaling smoke.


The stoves are designed to reduce the use of firewood when cooking because it uses the energy created efficiently. The impact of this project is significant because families benefit economically by saving on the purchase of firewood and avoid respiratory diseases. Also, deforestation is decreased.

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