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"I felt like wow!"

Every girl in the world deserves an education, safety, and dignity. That includes access to quality sustainable feminine hygiene products and awareness about health as it relates to the female body. For the millions of women living in extreme poverty, sanitary supplies and education about reproduction are not part of their world. It also means they don’t leave the house and miss up to 2 months of school a year. The poverty cycle can be broken when girls stay in school. This is why we have partnered with Days for Girls to provide reusable sanitary supplies and health education. What does this mean for girls? Read what 3 Kenyan women have to say. 


My name is Mary Karisa from Silaloni.  I take this opportunity to thank the Choice Kenya organization for introducing to us to Days for Girls. It is challenging for us to purchase sanitary supplies in our area due to lack of income. But now with my Days for Girls kit, I felt like wow! When I first used it, I realize those were the best for me for they are reliable, made of smooth materials and several for me to change and give time to others to dry after washing them. My friend has been admiring my days for girl kit for it has changed my life within a short period of time, because I could not travel when am on my days (Mary is crying) due to lack of reliable supply neither chatting with my pals in fear of wetting my gowns. Since starting my days I had been pretending sick when on my days to avoid any movement hence not doing my daily activities of helping to put food on the table, but now am happy am not missing anything.  I appreciate you for the Days for Girls training.DFG_success_story3.JPG


Mrs. Zawadi, one of the beneficiaries of Days for Girls says there is a big advantage of using the reusable pads compared to modern ones because they are reliable and cost-effective. She continues to say that when used the modern ones, she used to have small wounds or infection in her private parts and this was due to not changing the pad for long because of fearing the cost, hence causing health problems. Since she started using the reusable supplies (pads) she noticed that there’s no wound or rashes in her private parts …… Zawadi also said that she normally has heavy periods but the blood does not leak out because she puts more than one pad and yet she is comfortable. 


Rehema  Kazungu a school girl says that they are nice because they are light when wearing, free when walking and comfortable when sitting in class. She says that before getting the reusable pad she used to tie herself with a heavy piece of cloth which makes her difficult to walk and also was not easy for her to change while in school. This was because it takes a lot of time to change it, and she was not able to carry another piece in her school bag. This makes her not to concentrate in class, so she used to stay home until finishes her days. Currently, she does not miss school unless she is sick but not on her days. Lastly, Rehema says she is happy for the training, kits and promise to stay in school and work hard to improve her performance.


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